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When you run any search on Google you must have noticed that the results are shown either organically or as ads. When your website appears in the top results organically, it is the indicator that your website has the relevant information your audience is looking for and is one of the authority websites. Millions of people globally and in Auckland, New Zealand use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. to gather more information about brands, Products and services etc. It gives these companies a great opportunity to interact with a much wider target audience. When results are Displayed, Search Engine arrange the most relevant websites at the top of the listings based on the search term, it helps searchers a potential opportunity to come across your website. Most of the times they will do business with a company that rank higher on Google results organically.

High Quality, Result Oriented & Affordable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) solutions in Auckland

With Increased awareness more and more businesses across Auckland, NZ are taking advantage of SEO as it provides great return on investment in the short term as well as long term. When you use our tailor made SEO solutions in Auckland it will be our responsibility to improve your website’s visibility on the search engine, also we will make it easier to be found within the SERPs. It is important to understand that SEO takes time.

Quality SEO Auckland Company

BYOB Global Services is a leading SEO services provider in Auckland and beyond. Our team of SEO experts keep themselves up-to-date with all the latest developments taking place in the Search Engine Optimisation industry of New Zealand NZ. Like any other branch of Information technology, The SEO industry is constantly evolving; we read, discuss and implement modern SEO strategies to give competitive edge to our clients over their competitors. If you are a business owner in Auckland, NZ looking to improve your online presence on Google then look no further and get in touch with BYOB Global Services Now. We are one of the fastest growing SEO agencies NZ wide.


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For affordable SEO in Auckland, NZ

It is not easy to find a reliable and result oriented SEO agency. Do not make the search for your digital marketing partner a time consuming, frustrating, boring and expensive Exercise.  BYOB Global Services have over a decade of experience optimising websites globally including Auckland, NZ. If you want your business to appear high in Google and Bing search results then consider us to fulfill all your internet marketing needs

How to choose a reliable Auckland SEO company

If you are a business owner located in Auckland call BYOB Global Services to give your Auckland SEO campaign a great start. We have been trusted by small-medium and large businesses worldwide
The best part with online marketing is that almost every technical aspect of it can be looked after from any part of the globe. You don’t necessarily need an SEO company which is physically located in Auckland, NZ. We use latest Search Engine Optimisation strategies to increase your website’s organic rankings and traffic on Google:

On-page optimization ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION

. We update your Title tags, Meta Description Tag, H Tags and Alt image tags in line with your targeted keyword phrases.
.Complete profile setup which allows us to track traffic, traffic sources, bounce rate, traffic location etc.
.Search engine friendly content created /edited/added to your websites pages for keyword density/ on-page optimization.
.Our experts install tracking codes to see what keywords are driving you sales, leads, subscription request etc.
.Creation and installation of XML file so the search Engines can better know your sites pages.
.Canonical URL fix if found.
.We will also check and optimize the current performance of the following on page SEO indicators such as:-
.Content Usage
.Content Interlinking
.Custom 404 page
.Use of Breadcrumbs
.URL Structure
.Duplicate Content
.Content indexability etc.


Cost of doing SEO in Auckland, NZ? Can affordable SEO provider deliver quality results?

The cost of SEO services in Auckland, NZ is directly proportional to the experience of the online marketing agency handling it, and the nature of the assignment. SEO can be classified into 3 broad categories e.g. on-page SEO, off-page optimisation and local SEO.


Local SEO (Auckland, NZ)

Local SEO is a time consuming process. It consists of on-page optimisation and a complete review of existing online citations to make sure that your business name, address and the phone number is uniform on various citation websites. The cost of Google local SEO listing depends upon the number of local business directory listings you are interested in, the cost can range from $299 up to $899.  The cost can also depend on the location of your SEO Service provider, If you work with bigger Auckland based digital Marketing agencies you are most likely end up spending more. You may work with experienced and small-medium agencies to save some of your hard earned money. The demand of Local SEO professionals is going up as majority of business owners throughout New Zealand NZ are increasingly becoming aware about the benefits of improving their business presence on the local search results.  If you need SEO experts to improve your business rank in the local Auckland business listing then Feel free to speak to us.  We have helped companies in the UK, Australia, NZ and USA significantly increases their traffic, calls and leads.

On-page SEO optimisation

On-page optimisation is the most important process where we make your website search engine algorithm friendly and tell Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing etc. about who you are, what you do and Why people should do business with you and not with their competitors. Google look at your website content to determine whether or not your website is the most appropriate answer to a user’s search query. Google and other search engines consider on-page elements to determine page relevance. Some of the On-page elements are Meta titles, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, page headings, the names of images (known as ALT tags), webpage copy and keywords density. On-page optimisation is the most important aspect of any SEO Campaign.  You must first ask your SEO Agency in Auckland, NZ to send you a detailed on-page SEO audit report before any SEO work is to be carried out. The cost of this SEO diagnostic may range from $199 up to $1999 depending on the website. If yours is an Ecommerce website with hundreds of pages then you must only work with a reliable, experienced SEO company in Auckland. Call BYOB Global Services now for a complete SEO health report of your website if it has lost traffic recently. It is better to be safe Than Sorry when working with any web marketing agency in New Zealand.


Off-page optimisation (link building)

Off-page optimisation is also known as back-link building.  There are many different ways to build high quality backlinks for your website. We at BYOB Global Services build only natural links from reputable and relevant sources.  In April 2012, Google’s Penguin update punished websites with questionable links hard. Never work with an agency that uses automated software to build links as it can only improve your rankings for a short period of time as it can put your online reputation at stake and you may be penalized for those low quality back links pointing to your site.
Only authoritative and relevant links pass on SEO value to your website. It’s important to check how your SEO Company build backlinks before you start working with them. Find below a few example of how our SEO specialists working with Auckland, NZ based clients build backlinks:
Local citations – linking your website with industry specific business directories
Broken link detection and repair
Obtain natural backlinks from your client’s website
Creating links through content publishing etc.

First step before starting linkbuilding exercise on a client’s website is to analyze their current linkbuilding situation. We look for a set of information before starting this process e.g. no. of links, where are they coming from, type of backlinks, and link profile of our competitors etc. Linkbuilding contributes significantly how your website ranks well on the SERPs. A healthy mix of content and quality backlinks is what you need to achieve better rankings and more traffic.

How to compare & find the best SEO agency in New Zealand, NZ

It is very important that you do a complete background check of your shortlisted SEO companies before you hire one of them to work on your Auckland Business Website. Spend some quality time on their website and see what their existing and previous customers are talking about their digital design and Online marketing service delivery. Ask yourself the following question(s) e.g. does their website look professional?  Do they have sufficient knowledge about SEO, their SEO methodology and previous results? A reliable SEO company will always list testimonials of their clients on their homepage and will always educate their clients on how SEO works.
Once must also check whether or not they have their own good presence on the web, online testimonials or reviews can help you know more about how well they have managed their own SEO. Read through each review carefully to ensure its authenticity. Should you come across anything suspicious then you must seek clarification? If you do not get suitable replies from them then they must be removed immediately!


Things to consider before you start working with an SEO agency for your business in Auckland NZ
How long they have you worked in the SEO industry
Know more about the strategy they followed for their past clients
Ask them about latest happening in the digital marketing world
Ask them to explain you the SEO optimisation Flow chart
Discuss Key Result Areas KRAs of your SEO campaign
Discuss the time frame to start seeing results for your website
Do they guarantee you #1 position for common keywords
Explore more about their backlink building strategy
Know more about what tools or software your agency uses to do research on your competitor’s SEO

Your search for an SEO specialist for Auckland business website ends here

If you find it hard to work with your local SEO Company then feel free to get in touch with BYOB Global Services. There are several SEO companies in Auckland, New Zealand. To save your time and efforts you may also speak to us over the phone or Skype. We look forward to speaking to you!

Return on Investment on SEO v/s Traditional Advertising


A reliable SEO company will discuss various online marketing options with you e.g. Google Adword, PPC, Bing Paid marketing, Organic Search Engine marketing etc.  SEO is a great way for driving leads and sales for your business and increase your brand awareness. Both Old as well as new website can show significant increase in traffic and conversion if you work with a reliable SEO NZ Expert.  Keep the following in mind before making a decision:
Domain Age – How old is your website URL
Industry Competition
SEO expert would need at least three to six months to show results
You always get what you pay for –  Always work with an Experienced SEO provider.

About SEO services offered by BYOB Global Services

SEO service delivery to small-medium and large businesses based in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch is our primary line of business. We have over 8 years of experience working with companies across the globe and helping them improve their organic rankings.  We’ve have worked with clients in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand and improved their SERP positions.
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